40A Battery Charger


HiTech battery chargers are technologically advanced with complete circuit. Imported integrated PWM is adopted for control. Having the functions of automatic voltage stabilization and current-limit charging in order to work properly even in the regions of power fluctuation.

HC 40A is an advanced 40A battery charger but it is very easy to operate and it can be used for many mobile applications.


Technical Specifications:


  • Model – HC-40A
  • Item – 12V/40A
  • Input Voltage (AC) – 210V-240V
  • Output Voltage (DC) – 12V-14.7V
  • Output Current (OUT) – 5A-40A
  • Output Power (HP) – 500W
  • LED Light to Indicate – Red –  Charging Status / Green   –  Fully Charged status